Writings by Frank Denyer


1974  –  World Music and Us: a reappraisal of university music curricula,
with reference to the  integration of non-western musics
Paper read at Wesleyan University, Nov. 1974

1976  – Transvestism and World Music: a behavioural
by-product of non-western
music study in America
Paper read at Wesleyan University, Nov. 1976

1978  –  Influences of Left-Right Polarity on Musical Performance
Paper read at Queen’s University, Belfast, Feb. 1978

1978  –  The Integration of Symbolism into Musical Analysis
Paper read at the International Folk Music Council Conference in Edinburgh,
April 1978

1979  –  Some Preliminary Thoughts Concerning Curricula for Music in Kenya
University of Nairobi, Institute of African Studies, Seminar Papers No. 120

1980  –  The Lyre amongst the Marakwet and Pokot of the Northern Kerio Valley
University of Nairobi, Institute  of African Studies, Seminar Papers no.137

1977/92  –  The Sounding Tree: A World-wide Study of Legends and Stories Surrounding the Origins of Musical Instruments (book in manuscript)

1991  –  The Shakuhachi and the Contemporary Music Instrumentarium: a Personal View
Contemporary Music Review, 1994, vol.6 no.2

1992  –  Zu einer neuen Musik- jenseits der Grenzen westlicher kunstmusik Positionen
Beitrage zur Neuen Musik, vol.11, 1992

1993  –  Galina Ustvolskaya: A Cry from the Edge, CD booklet essay, Etcetera KTC 1170
James Fulkerson: A Head above the Parapet, CD booklet essay, Etcetera KTC 1175

1994  –  The Shakuhachi and the Contemporary Music Instrumentarium: A Personal View
Contemporary Music Review, vol 8 part 2, 1994

1995  –  Galina Ustvolskaya: The Piano Sonatas
CD booklet essay, Conifer Classics 75605 51262 2

1996  –  Leaving the Twentieth Century: Ideas and Visions of New Musics
(Issue Editor) Contemporary Music Review, vol.15 nos 3-4
Finding a Voice in an Age of Migration
Contemporary Music Review, vol 15 parts 3 and 4, 1996

1997  –  Feldman’s Search for the Ecstasy of the Moment
CD booklet essay, Etcetera KTC 3003 (3-CD set)

1998  –  Christian Wolff: A Gentle Radical
CD booklet essay, Mode Records, Mode 69

2002Christian Wolff
The Twentieth Century Music Avant-Garde: A Biocritical Handbook  ed. Larry Sitsky
Westport CT, Greenwood Publishing

2005  –  Alvin Lucier: The Poetry of Acoustic Spaces
(CD booklet essay for Alvin Lucier, Wind Shadows – New World Records 80628-2, 2 CDs)

2009Some Thoughts on Microtonality (download .pdf)
31: Journal of the Huygens Fokker Foundaton, Amsterdam, summer 2009

2010The Musician Myth and The Failed Quest (download .pdf)
Arcana 5: Music and Mysticism, ed. John Zorn, New York, Hips Road

2014New Music Needs More Than a Get- Well Card
Tempo vol. 68, No. 268, April 2014