Photo by Maria Marquise, 2003


1943  –  Born April 12, London

1952-56  –  Chorister at Canterbury Cathedral Choir School

1956-59  –  Birmingham School of Music (Midland Institute);
studies in piano, organ, oboe, trumpet and theory

1957-59  –  Organist and choirmaster, Methodist church,
Smallheath, Birmingham

1959-67  –  Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London;
principal studies: composition and piano

1967-74  –  Formed and directed Mouth of Hermes, a professional
instrumental ensemble for new  and experimental forms of music;
toured widely in Europe, Scandinavia and the U.K. presenting
new compositions

1970-74  –  Visiting lecturer in composition and 20th century studies, Hornsey College of Art

1972  –  Formed and directed Anglo-Dutch Amalgam,
a new music ensemble

1973  –  Featured composer/performer, Festival d’Orléans, France;
began musical travels and first attempts at ethnomusicological fieldwork
in W. Asia and N. India (Kulu Valley)

1974  –  Visiting lecturer, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India

1974-77  –  PhD student in Ethnomusicology, Wesleyan University, Connecticut, USA: PhD

1978-80  –  Research Fellow in African Music, Institute of African Studies, University of Nairobi, Kenya

1980-81  –  Lecturer in Ethnomusicology, Kenyatta University College, Nairobi

1981-91  –  Senior Lecturer, Dartington College of Arts, Devon

1982  –  Performs in duo with trombonist James Fulkerson

1984  –  First commercial recording of several works for Orchid Records (Wheat)

1987  –  Ethnomusicological fieldwork in Guinea-Bissau and Sierra Leone

1990  –  Featured composer, Yokoyama Festival, Japan;
featured composer, International Ferienkurse fur Neue Musik, Darmstadt, Germany

1991  –  Founder member and pianist with Amsterdam-based new music group The Barton Workshop, touring widely;
recordings for Etcetera, Mode, Walpurgis, Conifer Classics, New Worl Records, and others

1992  –  CD recording of compositions for Continuum (A Monkey’s Paw);
featured composer, Gaudeamus Foundation International Composers Week, Holland

1999  –  CD recording of compositions for Etcetera (Finding Refuge in the Remains);
professor of Composition, Dartington College of Arts

2002  –  CD recording of compositions for Tzadik (Fired City)

2005  –  CD recording of compositions for Mode Records (Faint Traces)

2006  –  Tour of Spain with the Barton Workshop

2007  –  Tour of USA, Iceland and Korea with the Barton Workshop

2008  –  CD recording of composition for Another Timbre (Music for Shakuhachi);
CD recording of compositions for Mode (Silenced Voices)

2010 – Closure of Dartington College of Arts;
awarded Emeritus Professorship by University College Falmouth;
composer portrait concerts in Los Angeles including Monday Evening concert series

2011 – Move to Oxford;
perform Feldman’s Triadic Memories and several works by Alvin Lucier in Warsaw

2012 – Featured composer and performer Tectonics Festival, Reykjavik, Iceland;
appeared as soloist in Promenade Concerts London playing Cage

2013 – UK premiere of The Colours of Jellyfish conducted by IIan Volkov, Tectonics Festival Glasgow

2015 – CD recording Whispers issued by Another Timbre