Stringed Instruments


S1 Fiddle


S1  Long necked bowed lute, 4 strings, deep heart-shaped wooden body covered
with monitor lizard skin, neck similar to a viola but extended, played with viola bow.
Built in 1979 for Frog and A Fragile Thread. Abandoned 1990.

S2  One instrument made up of five berimbau mounted horizontally on a stand with
the strings facing the player and buzzers added to each string.
Used in Contained in a Strange Garden.

S3-S4  Two instruments each consisting of five piano strings with buzzers, stretched
across a box 3 feet long and 1 foot wide, strings struck with light wooden beaters.
Used in Beneath the Fired City.

S5  Autoharp with button mechanism removed, retuned and played with a plectrum.
Used in Finding Refuge in the Remains.