A Monkey’s Paw conducted James Wood, Darmstadt 1969

1963String Quartet  (11 min)
Glyphs for piano  (8 min)

1964String Trio  (9 min)

1965/66String Quintet – revision of String Quartet (11 min)

1967Objects and Interruptions – for flute, trumpet, cello, piano, electric organ (10-14 min)

1969Incidents in Green Miz-Maz – for any number of string players and/or pianists (duration variable) for a percussionist and two horns (11 min)

1968/70A Book of Offerings
five pieces which may be performed separately or as a set
1  for flute and bells (7 min)
2  for electric (or chamber) organ and a sustaining instrument (5 min)
3  for solo cello (9 min)
4  for flute and cello (6 min)
5  for horns and trombones (7 min)

1972/73A Book of Emblems and Songs
seven pieces which may be performed separately or as a set
1  for voice and bells (7 min)
2  Play – for two woodwind instruments and violin (4 min)
3  The Hanged Fiddler – for violin, percussion and a sustaining instrument (5 min)
4  The Inner Garden – for soprano, flute, alto saxophone, trombone, violin and percussion (9 min)
5  The Shining Youth – for one or three trumpets (2 min)
6  Quick, Quick, the Tamberan is Coming – for four bass flutes (8 min)
7  The New Born Child – for soprano with or without violin (4 min)

Unison 1- 4 – four separate pieces for a variable small ensemble of sustaining instruments (not more than one from any family of instruments), plus female voice

1973Unison 5 – for variable ensemble of sustaining contrabass instruments (9 min)
Unison 6 – for variable ensemble of not less than seven brass instruments (21 min)

1974Frog – two pieces for a bowed stringed instrument (7 min)

1974/77Melodies – a work in 25 movements that can be adapted to instruments of various cultural origins, some that have to be specially made, and  voices. Each movement is a melodic study in intonation (total 90 min)

1975I Await the Sea’s Red Hibiscus – for solo cello (10 min)
Piece for Koto – in koto tablature (2 min)
For a Singer – for female voice (5 min)

1977On, On, It Must Be So – for shakuhachi, bass drum and castanets (9 min)
Wheat – for shakuhachi and percussion (14 min)

1978Quite White – for shakuhachi (8 min)

1979A Fragile Thread – two pieces for a bowed stringed instrument (7 min)

1980Apocrypha 1 – for solo cello (8 mins)
Apocrypha 2 – for solo cello (8 mins)

1982Fiery Earth-Womb – for three male voices with hand-held percussion (7 min)

1983After the Rain – for shakuhachi, violin, seven ocarinas (three players) and percussion (16 min)

1984Winged Play – for solo shakuhachi (11 min)
Passages – for flute/piccolo, clarinet, violin/viola, cello (17 min)

1986Marine Residua – for shell trumpets (three players), viola and two percussionists (15 min)
Stalks – for shakuhachi, bass recorder and viola (10 min)
Music for Two Performers – for two male vocalists with hand-held percussion (7 min)

1987/88A Monkey’s Paw – for solo  violin, four female voices, three male voices (with eunuch flutes), five percussionists (with non-standard instruments), tin whistle, melodica, banjo, tuba, and three contrabass ocarinas (29 min)
Quartet (from A Monkey’s Paw) – for violin, tin whistle, banjo and melodica (4 min)

1988/90Quartet – for bass flute, cimbalom, steel pans and double bass (11 min)

1989/90Towards the Darkness – for three double basses, three flutes (tin whistles and plunger flutes), two percussionists (non-standard instruments) (11 min)

1990Broken  Music – for flute, contra-bassoon, melodica, cello, harp, banjo, two percussionists (non-standard instruments) (14 min)

1991Archaeology – for bass flute, bass trombone, two percussionists (non-standard instruments) (12 min)
The Tender Sadness of Tyrants as They Dance – for shakuhachi and bass flute (18 min)

1992Finding Refuge in the Remains – for soprano voice, bass flute/melodica, autoharp, bass trombone, double bass, two percussionists (non- standard instruments) (15 min)

1993Contained in a Strange Garden – for mey (or crumhorn) and percussionist (five adapted berimbau, various earthenware bowls, cowbells, gongs) (11 min)

1991/94The Fish That Became The Sun – for four female voices, four male voices (with eunuch flutes), seven percussionists (non-standard instruments), solo violin, sitar, mandolin, cimbalom, three double basses, contra-bassoon, harmonium, four woodwind players (specially adapted organ pipes/crumhorns), two woodwind players (various whistles and shell trumpet), two child vocalists (aged 5-7), eight cornets off-stage) (47 min)

1994Resonances of Ancient Sins – for octobass flute, contrabass saxophone, bass tuba and percussion (wooden box) (8 min)

1994/95Beneath the Fired City – original  version for 2 percussionists (non-standard instruments) (12 mins) revised version (2001) for 4 percussionists (non-standard instruments) (12 mins)
Out of the Shattered Shadows 1 – for flute(s), tenor banjo, spinet/harmonium, percussion (non- standard) (13 min)

1997Unnamed – for solo shakuhachi (47 mins)

1998Out of the Shattered Shadows 2 – for four male singers, two flutes, viola, percussion, and three off-stage musicians: low female voice, cornett, violin (15 mins)

1999/’00Prison Song – for flute, clarinet, violin, trombone/melodica and percussion (15 mins)

2001Faint Traces – for  violin, cello, flute, clarinet/bass clarinet, male voice, percussion and trombone (13 mins)

2002/03Tentative Thoughts, Silenced Voices – for muted violin, muted viola, Indian santur, two percussionists (special instruments), male vocalist 1 (with whistling tube) male vocalist 2 (with 6 concertina reeds) male vocalist 3 (with eunuch flute) offstage: trumpet (16 mins)

2004Woman, Viola and Crow – for female violist who also sings etc (12 mins)

2004/05Ghosts Again – for violin, muted violin, female voice, flute, clarinet, two percussionists (special instruments) six male vocalists with heavy percussion staves (13 mins)

2005Two Beacons – for female voice, muted  violin, Indian sarangi (or viola d’amore), muted double-bass, 3 flutes,  2  percussionists (special instruments), offstage: mixed choir, behind audience: french horn (15mins)

2006/07Mother, Child and Violin – female vocalist, child vocalist, muted violin (9 mins)

2007Riverine Delusions – muted violin, muted cello, bass flute, bass clarinet, bass trombone, percussion (11 mins)

2008Woman with Jurashi Shakuhachi – female jurashi shakuhachi player who also sings (10 mins)

2009A Woman Singing – for unaccompanied female voice (11 mins)

2010Two Voices with Axe – for male and female voices, flute, muted violin, muted viola, double bass, percussion (2) (14 mins)
Whispers – 17 pieces for solo male voice (with hand held percussion) and off-stage violin (18 mins)

2012The Colours of Jellyfish – soprano solo, violin solo, small orchestra and childrens choir (28 mins)

2013Two Female Voices and Two Flutes – for two female voices and two flutes (12 mins)

2014Beyond the boundaries of Intimacy – solo flute (15 mins)

2015A Linear Topography – small orchestra and shamisen (15 mins)

2016/17String Quartet 2 (20 minutes)

2017/18Screens – female voice, flute, violin, viola, two percussionists, speaker (18 minutes)