Flutes and Reeds


FR2 – FR8 Ocarinas


FR9 – FR11 Bass ocarinas


FR12 – FR15 Pipes







FR16 – FR19 Whistles



FR26 – FR32 Reeds








FR1  Bamboo transverse flute, producing five pitches just a fifth-tone apart from one another.
Built in 1975 for Melodies 3. Abandoned 1980.

FR2-FR8  Seven unglazed pottery ocarinas, various sizes and tunings, globular shaped.
Made in 1984 and used in After the Rain.

FR9-FR11  Three bass ocarinas in F, E and D. Glazed ceramics, one globular, the others cylindrical in shape.
Used in A Monkey’s Paw.

FR12-FR15  Four sets of pipes, one consisting of three, one of four, and two of five pipes.
Each set has its individual pipes bonded together to make a single instrument.
Each instrument is mounted on an adjustable metal stand. The pipes are heavily modified
organ flue pipes; some have added fingerholes. They are tuned equiheptatonically as a consort.
In performance they are not only blown but tapped with metal thimbles.
Used in The Fish that became the Sun.

FR16-FR19  Four wooden whistles designed to produce infinitely variable pitches between
g4 sharp and b4 quarter sharp.
Used in Out of the Shattered Shadows 1.

FR20-FR21  Two wooden pea-whistles.
Used in A Monkey’s Paw.

FR22   Single pitch beaked whistle tuned to d3 flat.
Used in Broken Music.

FR23-24  Two single pitch beaked whistles tuned to d3 sharp and f3 sharp.
Used in Finding Refuge in the Remains.

FR25  Single pitch beaked whistle producing c5.
Used in The Fish that became the Sun.

FR26-FR32  Seven individual concertina reeds each mounted within a wooden tube. Blown by mouth.
Used in Beneath the Fired City and Out of the Shattered Shadows 2.