Recordings as pianist

                                                                                           Rehearsing wit Elizabeth Smalt, 2004

(CD: Etcetera KTC 1137, 1992)
Ryoanji; Two5
James Fulkerson (trombone);
Frank Denyer (piano and percussion)

CAGE, JOHN: The Barton Workshop plays John Cage
(3-CD set: Etcetera KTC 3002, 1992)
Solo and ensemble works (Totem Ancestor; A Valentine Out
of Season; Hymnkus; Music for Six; Piano Concert; Five; Seven;
The Barton Workshop with Frank Denyer (piano)

FELDMAN, MORTON: The Ecstasy of the Moment
(3-CD set: Etcetera KTC 3003, 1996)
Solo and ensemble works Projection 1-5; Intersection 2-4; Only;
Piece for Four Pianos; Two Pianos; Piano Four Hands; Piano Piece 1964; Durations 1-5; Vertical Thoughts 1-5; Voice and Instruments 2; Instruments 1; Voice, Violin and Piano; Instruments 3; Bass
Clarinet and Percussion
Barton Workshop with Frank Denyer (piano and conductor)

FELDMAN, MORTON: Voices and Instruments
(CD: Mode 107, 2002)
Journey to the End of Night; Between Categories; Intervals; Three Clarinets,
Cello and Piano; Four Songs to e.e.cummings; Four Instruments; The O’Hara Songs
The Barton Workshop with Frank Denyer (piano)

FELDMAN, MORTON: Composing by Numbers, The Graphic Scores 1950-67
(CD: Mode 146)
Projection 1 – 5; Intersection 1 – 4; Marginal Intersection;
Out of ‘Last Pieces’; The Straits of Megellan; In Search of an Orchestration;
The Barton Workshop

(CD: Tzadik 7093, 2004)
Phalba (Ila Multiplex); Chimazzi (Variant); Cantegral Segment No 19; Chimazzi (Olun)
The Barton Workshop

TENNEY, JAMES: Melody, Ergodicity and Indeterminacy
(CD: Mode 185, 2007)
Poem; Ergodos 1-3; Monody; Seegersong 1 and 2; String Complement (with Ergodos 2);
Instrumental Responses (with Ergodos 1)
Percussion Response (with Ergodos 1)
The Barton Workshop

(CD: Etcetera KTC 1170, 1993)
Piano Sonata No 5; Grand Duet; Trio; Symphony no.4
(premiere recordings)
Frank Denyer (piano); Taco Kooistra (cello);
John Anderson (clarinet); Marieke Keser (violin);
with The Barton Workshop

(CD: Conifer Classics 75605 512622, 1995)
The Piano Sonatas (complete)
Frank Denyer (piano)

WOLFF, CHRISTIAN: I like to think of Harriet Tubman
(CD: Mode 69, 1998)
Piano Trio (Greenham-Seneca-Camiso);
I Like to Think of Harriet TubmanDuo for Violinist and PianistEisler Ensemble Pieces;
; Piano Song (I am a Dangerous Woman); For Morty; Stardust Pieces

WOLFF, CHRISTIAN: Works for trombone
(CD: Etcetera  KTC 1227, 2000)
Ruth, Peggy, For One Two or Three People, Dark as a Dungeon, Tuba Song; Exercise 17
James Fulkerson (trombone) and Frank Denyer (piano) and the Barton Workshop

WOLFF, CHRISTIAN: (Re): Making Music
(2 CDs: Mode 133/34, 2004)
Violist Pieces; Kegama; Peace March 1 and 2; Emma; Digger Song;
From Leaning Forward; Three Pieces; For Five or Ten Players (two versions);
Exercises 15-18; Dark as a Dungeon; Schoenen met Veters
The Barton Workshop